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Laundry Check-up, Review and Evaluation

We review your existing laundry operations and provide a detailed report including charts/graphs, and recommendations for areas in your laundry that should be improved. Our professional laundry review will assist you to increase your profits through reducing your laundry's operational cost.

- Achieve most cost effective operational performance.
- Increase Volume.
- Reduce Cost.
- Determine areas that can be improved upon.
- Obtain an accurate facility evaluation

Production Operations Review

volume output

production cost




employee moral

production employee training.

Design and Layout Review


volume output.

Production Facility and Equipment Evaluation

overall condition



Facility and Equipment Appraisal

detailed facility information

detailed equipment information

photos of each

current market value

Efficiency Time Study

Produce detailed report for each workstation and personnel on "pieces per hour" produced compared to standard and maximum "pieces per hour" achievable.

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