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Our Expertise includes all aspects of

Laundry Layout, Design, Remodel, and Relocation,

space planning, layout, and workflow design to

create a cost effective laundry for you.


Complete Services from Concept to Design to Project Management, including:

Site selection

We will help you review available properties and facilities to decide if an available property is suitable for your specific needs and provides the infrastructure to build it out to your laundry.

Space planning / Facility & Equipment Layout

Once a site is pre-selected we will layout your plant based on appropriate size of all departments and their unique needs while creating a good workflow through the plant.

Soil Department

Wash Room

Finishing Department ( Press, Ironer, Steam Tunnel )

Clean Linen

Clean Linen Storage / Inventory

Mending / Sewing

Chemical Storage

Water Reuse System

Energy Management Systems

Air Quality Control Systems

Equipment specification

Based on the size of your laundry and volume of linens needing to be processed, as well as the suggested layout, we will produce a list of suggested equipment with sizes , and load demands

Workflow analysis with spacing

Facility scale drawings

We will produce full facility scale drawings showing the plant and equipment layout, structural features, laundry machine demands / connection points, and piping flow diagram.

Development of budgets

We will prepare an estimated budget for the suggested plant layout for your review.

Writing of Bid specifications

We will produce the bid specification needed to be submitted to vendors so they can competitively bid on the equipment you need to purchase for you to get the best value for your need.  The bid specifications will include details on equipment as well as any conditions that are site specific.

Review of submitted Vendor Bids

Once the bids are received we will review each of them and produce a summary for your review so you can make an educated decision on which vendor to select for the purchase of the items to be purchased.


We are available to be your eyes and ears on the job site to oversee that all construction is completed and on-time, and to the specifications.

Production monitoring systems.

We can produce a custom production monitoring system for you, including all forms and computerized tracking, as well as a custom data entry system. 

Writing of operations manual - Job Description / Wash Formula

If needed we can produce the job descriptions for each work-station at your facility, as well as as develop an employee training manual and program.  We assist you to develop the right wash classifications and wash formula for your linen mix.

Linen Tracking System

We will help you select the right linen tracking system for your specific need.




Minimize start-up & operational cost.

Achieve optimum volume output.

Proper spacing between process steps.

Smooth workflow.

Achieve maximum employee productivity

We are here to help you!

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